Protective Masks x10

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Our masks are made with a double layer of 100% natural cotton fabric, they are washable and reusable.

They guarantee a first protective barrier against the diffusion of particles emitted through breathing. They are not medical grade and are intended for the general public not for healthcare professionals.

Produced entirely at the headquarters in Tuscany, Italy, in compliance with health regulations and in full protection of the staff who make them.

The face masks are currently available at a cost of €7/unit for an order of minimum 10 pieces. The price covers the cost of materials and manufacturing.

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Letizia at +39 3286746618



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Four Season CODE Protective Masks

Protective Face Masks 
- They are not medical grade
- Daily use, washable and reusable 60 degree wash, do not bleach
- Made with a double layer of 100% natural elastic cotton fabric,
- Fabric manufactured from the Italian cotton mill Albini
- Does not contain latex
- We recommend ironing with hot iron for a first sterilization.


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