Forte dei Marmi

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The Forte dei Marmi selection marries icons of tailoring with bold, modern notes that no discerning wardrobe should be without.

The first part comprises twill fabrics created with gorgeous 150s thread and weighing 250gsm. The concept is an all-seasons offering with a particular penchant for the springtime. Pinstripes are de rigueur, making their triumphant return in versions that will win over even the hardest of hearts.

The second part resolves around four structured, double twisted fabric garments - a true revolution in the world of high-class tailoring. This particular structure makes the suit light, breathable and effective at retaining its creases, rendering it ideal for jet-setters whose calling card is a suave image.

- From 181001 to 181035 100% Wool Gr 250
- From 181036 to 181042 100% Wool Gr 240
- From 181043 to 181050 100% Wool Gr 240