Grey suit with waistcoat

Grey suit with waistcoat

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The classic, tailored three-piece suit is an ideal choice if the bride’s dress is not strictly traditional in its shape or colour. It is also the perfect option for the bridegroom who prefers a suit that he can use again for other occasions or who envisages the suit only in its traditional forms.

The classic suit should be single-breasted, the trousers classically cut without turn-ups. There are several possibilities for the buttonholes: one button, two buttons, three buttons, or three-roll-two button closure. Patch pockets are totally unsuitable, while jetted pockets are perfect. The classic suit requires a white cotton shirt, and the choice of either a simple tie or Ascot tie. Black lace-up shoes are ideal for any type of pairing. The colours can vary, with dark colours such as grey and blue preferred, perhaps opting for a contrasting silk waistcoat. Light-coloured suits are excellent for outdoor weddings or those that have a special theme.



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