Su Misura

The art of the tailor

“Su Misura” is the highest expression of the artisanal knowledge, a unique elegance which every men must try once in their life.

The craftsmanship is our pride here in Sartoria Rossi. In fact the real “tailoring” is born and as well maintain only here in Tuscany and more precisely in Marciano della Chiana (AR). Our most exclusive patterns and fabrics are the result of a methodical effort carried on for more than 20 years.

“Su Misura” it’s available in all our Sartoria Rossi’s boutiques worldwide. Book your fitting in person or via our video call system.

Would you like to touch with your own hand our fabrics but you don’t want to visit in person our boutiques?

Request your “tester kit” to be sent to your home. Please email us at [email protected] and tell us your fine needs.

- Who are the tailors? -

The tailors are professional figures who goes way beyond the only craftsmanship. They are trustworthy/reliable people confident in taking your measurements and as well updated on the latest trends and fabrics. They are real fashion advisors.

- Meeting the tailor -

It’s the moment of evaluation, were all the expectations and nuances are seized. It’s the moment when the idea and the style takes shape. “Taking Measures” means to evaluate an idea with numbers, lay the foundations for the following cutting and sewing steps. The time spent on this is variable, fast but at the same time accurate.

- The fitting -

No matter what it’s the first fitting or the final one, the tailor always personally checks the final result with the client.