Contemporary Tailoring

From the firm’s early days, the workshop in Marciano della Chiana has been a reflection of the creative craftsmanship expertise of Sartoria Rossi, its strong bond with Tuscany and its impressive know-how, closely linked with the workmanship tradition of Arezzo.

Since 1979, Sartoria Rossi has been synonymous with the production of top-of-the-range suits embodying the fundamental values of haute couture and Italian style. “Made in Italy” is more than a mere label: it is a whole concept, the successful culmination of a lengthy process that spans centuries of tradition in the town of Arezzo.

The use of the finest Italian raw materials combines with the fundamental skills of impassioned craftsmen devoted to the noble art of a job well done, shaping exquisite, bespoke creations for a new approach to custom tailoring, able to keep pace with changing times.