A modern gentleman

Tailored style at its most exquisite, aspiring to perfection with a contemporary take on tradition. One hundred percent Made in Italy.

Halls and galleries decorated on the wishes of Prince Giovan Carlo de’ Medici. An enchanting collection of artworks and frescoes representing female mythological figures and heroines; a triumph of mirrors, gold and precious marble. These are the elements of a setting the opens its doors like a treasure chest to reveal all the grandeur of a Florentine family that left its mark on history and took art and beauty worldwide: the perfect backdrop to enhance Sartoria Rossi’s Formal Wear collection, a mix where Classic meets Dandy to shape a uniquely confident, razor-sharp style.

When it comes to important occasions, weddings top the list. The groom must feel the centre of attention on his big day, so each year, Sartoria Rossi presents a collection exclusively designed for formal occasions, complementing the elegant outfits with an impeccable service. Each garment is crafted using the finest tailoring techniques, and we take care of each and every alteration necessary to guarantee a perfect fit. In addition to tailored garments and sophisticated accessories for the perfect finishing touch, all our boutiques offer a Bespoke Service: from the choice of the model and the fabric, our staff accompany customers every step of the way, right through to the definition of those details that render a suit truly unique, in keeping with the tastes and the physique of the customer. For over 30 years now, Sartoria Rossi has been applying its own special, unique approach to the art of tailoring, making it an outstanding figure on the Italian-crafted classic menswear scene.


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